Customer Relationship Expert

Jesse B Good is the CEO of Aprendey and a uniquely qualified keynote speaker. He is engaged by leaders to help organizations increase profit by maximizing employee and customer relationships. Jesse leverages leading industry standards, best practicies, and innovative trends to give his clients a competitive advantage and help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

He has spent more than twenty years on the front-line, leading cultures focused on employee and customer relationships.
Jesse has helped businesses earn hundreds of millions of dollars in saved relationships, cost avoidance, and increased retention.
He is the author of the book, Happy to Help: Lessons Learned Serving One Million Customers and has appeared in various trade publications and industry podcasts (and yes, he really has facilitated more than one million customer experiences).
Jesse inspires organizations to build more relationships with more employees who are more engaged and dedicated to serving more customers who spend more money more often, leading to more positive personal recommendations and more profit.
He has worked as a speaker, trainer, and consultant with small business owners, international organizations, and Fortune 500 companies from Adobe to Zions Bank.
Jesse lives in Springville, Utah with his beautiful wife, their eight "good" children and two golden retrievers.

Speaking Presentations, Audience Favorites


Word of Mouth Service: The Art of Delivering Remarkable Customer Experiences 

Ask anyone what the most effective mode of marketing is. Most will say word-of-mouth. Many of those same people are focusing on how they can acquire new customers through traditional means rather than building a word of mouth campaign. Word of Mouth Service is an entertaining, educational, and engaging experience that teaches everyone from leadership to the front-line employees specific actions for building a word of mouth customer service strategy. Loaded with real-life examples, current research and data, and personal expertise in serving more than one million customers, this session offers keys for designing remarkable experiences.

Learn how to deliver remarkable experiences that build relationships with your customers, create emotional engagement that your customers will remember, and inspire your customers to recommend and repeat their experience to others.

Best Audience: Customer Service and CX Professionals, Front-line/Mid-level Management/Leadership, Industry Conferences, Associations

Learning Objectives:

  1. Every point of contact with your business contributes to building long-term customer relationships.
  2. Your business must be deliberate about training the right service skills to EVERY employee.
  3. The ROI of an effective customer service training can be 50 times more profitable than traditional forms of advertising and marketing.
  4. Understand the true cost of bad customer service and how common service practices negatively affect your bottom-line (and what to do about it).
  5. Waiting for your customers to complain is no longer enough (even if you are really good at solving problems), you must be proactive in your approach.
  6. Improve customer loyalty and drive business growth through Personal Recommendations, the best PR you can receive.


S.C.O.R.E. More: Serve Customers to Optimize Relationships and Experiences

Have you ever been faced with the daunting challenge of changing behavior in an organization? Have you ever tried to change your own behavior and found yourself stuck by performance inhibiting habits? Many people try one or two strategies to create change and then give up when they don’t see results. With more than twenty years of ongoing research from a variety of industries including automotive, restaurants, retail, hospitality, health care, and tech, you will learn strategies to drive rapid, sustainable, and measurable change in service performance.

The S.C.O.R.E. More methodology will teach you how to leverage behavioral psychology, social science, and best practices in influence to create a culture of customer care that builds more relationships with more customers who are more loyal, leading to more personal recommendations and more profit.

Best Audience: Customer Service and CX Professionals, Mid-level Management/Leadership/C-Suite, Industry Conferences

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to recognize outside influences that are consistently working to prevent positive behavior change.
  2. Understand how to utilize a variety of strategies in tandem to make new skill application inevitable.
  3. Skills are usually more important than motivation (but we often don’t train the right skills).
  4. Utilize interpersonal relationships to reinforce positive habits that are expected and respected.
  5. Learn to leverage physical space, systems, tools, and technology in a way that sets your service providers up for success…every time.
  6. Gain knowledge to develop a culture where positive customer experiences are the shared goal of each employee.


Other Requested Speaking Presentations

The Next Generation of Customer Experience: Creating a Cross-Generational Culture of Customer Care is a research-based approach combining current customer service trends with behavioral psychology, generational studies, and social science solutions to inspire and enable service providers to deliver their best. This presentation focuses on utilizing the Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Extrapersonal forces to offer better customer experiences, maintain a culture of service performance, and boost personal recommendations from customers.

Success is the New Service: Keys to Engaging Customers in the Attention Economy is designed to help individual contributors, leaders, and business operators understand the definition and implementation of Customer Success. Participants learn to understand the needs of customers to help adopt product usage, maximize the value of customer purchases, and achieve desired outcomes--which in turn propel revenue growth through higher renewal rates, expansion opportunities, and customer advocacy.

Victory! Tactics for Winning at Customer Service is based on the book, Happy to Help, and is a comprehensive three-step process to easily and effectively train skills that help each individual maximize their customer service performance. Participants learn to efficiently Discover the needs of their customers, Deliver those needs with accuracy and enthusiasm, and Do More to exceed expectations. These three steps combine to multiply lasting business relationships with an ever-growing customer family.

What People Are Saying



"When Jesse talked about what it costs a business to lose a customer, our Support Reps cheered. It was a big 'Hoorah' moment for our team, and a great reminder of the contribution we make by resolving customer complaints every single day."

Daniel B., Account Manager - Microsoft



"I loved Jesse's presentation! His advice was spot on, and I loved the engagement with the audience. It's always refreshing when you can relate the information back to real life stories."

Erica W., Event Planner/Employee Satisfaction - Apex Systems


"The training was very relevant for anyone in a customer-focused role. Jesse made compelling points with strong content and the data to back it up. His presentation was entertaining, energizing, and thought-provoking."

Lincoln S., Insurance Broker - Caliber Select Insurance

“Jesse’s presentation was insightful, humorous, and engaging. He’s given me tangible actions to use. I have a page full of notes of things I want to begin implementing right away.”

Roger M., Manager of Customer Success - Cisco


“He really made me think about things I hadn’t before. As a franchise owner, I always knew there was a connection between improved service and our bottom line. Now I have concrete tools that I can use to help my employees catch my vision, run with it, and improve our overall level of service.”

Bart M., Franchise Owner/Entrepreneur - Back to My Wedding Weight

"Jesse is always energized and has a great sense of humor that makes people feel comfortable with his engaging style. He is a wonderful public speaker and trainer. I highly recommend him."

Joe C., Co-Founder & President - Concentus Global Partners

"Jesse helped us grow repeat business, create loyal customers, and grow profits. We have increased sales and set a company-wide record for annual revenue."

Tyler D., General Manager - FatCats Fun Center


"As an expert in creating excellent client experiences, Jesse has an unparalleled ability to train how to effectively drive revenue through improved customer service. His knowledge in the art of great guest experiences is unsurpassed in the service industry."

Reese B., CEO - Guest Experience Marketing