Happy to Help

Lessons Learned Serving One Million Customers

Happy to Help details proven principles and processes for quickly, effectively, and efficiently training skills to individual customer service providers. This guide combines personal experiences, customer service research, and learner exercises to help your organization cultivate lasting business relationships with an ever-growing customer family.

“If you are looking to improve customer satisfaction for your business, then start and end with Happy to Help! The information inside this book will help you create repeat business, loyal customers, and grow profits. I love the concepts and how easy it is. Love it!”

Tyler Dabling, General Manager, FatCats All Out Fun


“Happy to Help by Jesse B. Good is a practical and compelling guide to enriching and elevating the experience of our customers and clients. We all need coaches and guides in our life and business to illuminate the obvious. Jesse does that in a way that is both easy to grasp and immediately applicable." 

Paul H. Jenkins, Phd. Positivity Psychologist, Author, and Speaker


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